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Some of the best language learning programmes will certainly boost both your personal and professional life. These programmes allow you to learn the full range of study materials which others do not offer. Whether you want to learn English, French, German or you are seeking language course for Japanese and Spanish as well as Chinese, we have all the answers. Apart from language programmes, Swiss School of Language also provides Call Centre Training Programmes and IELTS (International English Language Testing System) which are known as current demand for a successful career. Following are the details of available Course:


English (L-1) (Basic Level Course)

Swiss School of Languages offers English (L – 1) ( Basic Level Course) which offers the students a chance for further development in their communication skills, linguistic and cultural understanding from a current and historical perspective, and enable them to reflect upon and analyse the role and significance of language, literature and culture for individuals as well as for society as a whole.

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English (L-2) (Intermediate Course)

These programmes are planned for intermediate level learners in grammar, writing, listening and speaking as well as other teaching theory and strategies. These programmes are generally offered to those students who have already passed through Basic level of English or are found eligible for the L-2 programme of English language.

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English (Advanced Level Course)

The Advanced level course combines English reading comprehension skills and quizzes for advanced level learners, including reading comprehension practice, intensive, extensive, skimming and scanning reading techniques. It also includes advanced vocabulary, reading, listening comprehension, writing and reference, as well as group discussion on various current issues.

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We prepare you intensively for taking up the various French Language examinations like DELF A-1to B-2 and DALF C1 & C2. Each level can successfully be completed in 2 months.The Need for clearing the DELF and DALF tests The French Ministry of Education is the supreme authoritative body for clearing your higher education Visa in France. The organization has a strict qualifying criteria and the only
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French (Basic Level Course)

Reading and writing the French language. Each lesson begins with a set of clearly stated objectives and an explanation of its place in the overall programme of study. We set effective learning which encourages through frequent activities and self-assessment questions.

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We prepare you to face and clear the embassy examinations successfully within a short span of time. Our courses are highly customized. Each level will take 2 to 3 months in the normal case and one month on fast track basis as a crash course. You can choose from Normal and crash courses depending upon your time constraints.
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German (Advanced Level Course)

Our Advanced Level Course impart differentiated knowledge of the German standard language that enables learners to understand complex texts and expresses themselves well orally and in writing. The programme is aimed to read short works of German literature, watch German films and possibly TV programmes, with a view to discussing various aspects of the material covered and developing an overall view of the German civilization and culture portrayed. You as students are also encouraged to express own ideas and give short presentations on what you have seen and read at various times throughout the course.

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Japanese (Basic Level Course)

The Basic Level Japanese course is designed to provide beginners with basic level knowledge and information of the Japanese language and skills which can be utilised in every day conversations, reading and writing simple text in Japanese. This programme offers a foundation for learners who wish to progress to a more advanced level.

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Japanese (Advanced Level Course)

The course is offered to those who have passed through first level or having knowledge similar to first level course of Japanese. The aim of this advanced level course is to improve student’s Japanese language skills through various tasks and activities such as reading, discussions, debates and writing reports & essays, cultural and historical understanding on various subjects.

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