Our IELTS programmes

TAt The Swiss School of Language, we have designed our IELTS programmes to give you 100% assured success in the tests. All you have to do is attend the classes regularly and follow the instructions dedicatedly. We impart Quality coaching for IELTS in
Academic Version: for candidates who visit English speaking countries for their higher studies like Ph. D or Doctorates.
eneral Training Version: For the candidates who are visiting English speaking countries  to  work in corporate, sectors, industrial, financial, legal and other highly paid and respected industries

You get expert training in

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading and
  • Writing

Our expert faculty can train you in effective communication skills in English. Write as precise as possible, use lucid wording that will good impression as you can communicate local people in well manner. Don’t jump conclusion. Describe step by step each situation or procedure.

Advantage IELTS at Swiss School of Language

  • The teaching methodologies adopted at the Swiss School of Language are highly scientific and give you better weight-age in universities and companies.
  • You get maximum opportunities where you can go for migration across different countries mostly as you preferred one.
  • The IELTS training at Swiss School of Language gives you better job placement options as the training will put you on special platform.
  • f you were undergone in General Training Version at Swiss School of Language, your expertise level will m make you eligible for higher package in your employment.

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