7 Reasons To Learn French Language

1. French & English are the only two languages which are spoken on all five continents!

With more than 200 million French speakers across all the continents, French is one of the most spoken language and also the second most language to be learned across the world. So, no matter what profession you are in or you are just a student looking for higher studies or job opportunities abroad or just a nationwide frequent traveler, learning French language Should be your first move.   

2. Fluency in the French language helps in learning other foreign languages easily.

French can always help in improving English as more than half of the vocabulary used in modern-day English is driven from French language only. The French language is the best language to build the foundation for learning other foreign languages like Spanish, Italian, Romanian etc.

3. A Creative language.

French is one of the most popular languages to be heard from stages of plays and theaters. Hence, teachers often plan small role plays in the French language to involve students learn and gain confidence.

4. Exchange Opportunities

Thousands of students across India are applying and pursuing their higher education from universities in France or other French-speaking nations through the Exchange programmes offered by them to students having the required level international certification of proficiency in french through DELF Exam.   

5. One language is not enough!

Nowadays, the ability to speak only one language is not enough. Recent research shows that students who are able to communicate in more than one foreign language have more opportunities of being fetching themselves a great job in top MNCs. Learning a foreign language offers you opportunities.

6. Easy to learn

The French language is one of the easiest foreign languages to learn. Swiss School of Language offers both weekdays and weekend batches for students as well as working professionals. Our experienced trainers make their classes interactive through audio and video sessions, which helps students to learn the French language with ease.

7. Ability to Speak French opens up the world online

French is the third most widely used foreign language on the web. So, the ability to understand French language offers the opportunity to connect with the world through communication with native French speakers across the world too.

If you are interested or planning to learn the French language than take a “Free Demo Class” at the Swiss School of Language – best French language institute in Delhi.

To book a free demo class please reach us at 8527565111 or fill the form given below.

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