Q. What is the Modes of payment?
A. Fees can be deposited through cash or cheque or card.

Q. Do you provide the course material?
A. Yes, we provide all the necessary books, needed to study the languages.

Q. Will there be homework / tests / assignments etc.
A. Of course, at the end of the class, your faculty will assign you work for practicing at home. Tests will also be conducted time after time.

Q. How long a class will go on?
A. A class will go on for 2 hours.

Q. What is the average age of learners?
A. There is no age limit, if you have wish to learn, age is no bar.

Q. I am a graduate, though I can understand English but I have no fluency with speaking. What do I do?
A. If you have finished your graduation and also are able to understand English then we suggest you join our English (L-2) programme that is specially prepared for those who have basic knowledge of the language.

Q. Whenever I have doubts in English, can I write to you?
A. Certainly, you have the facility to clear all you doubts if they arise in the future. We provide full support to our students.

Q. I am a professional. Your programmes make the learner proficient in English. Do you have anything to help me with my English in my profession?
A. Yes we have. We also provide special programmes for those who want to develop professional command in English.

Q. Do you charge anything other than the course fee?
A. No. The fee you pay us includes all the charges. NO other charges need to be paid later.

Q. Do you award any diploma or certificate after completion of the course?
A. Yes, at the end of each course, you are awarded with diploma or certificate as per your course type.

Q. Will I be provided with an additional set of books if i lose this one?
A. Yes you have facility to take another set of books if you have lose the earlier one.

Q. Do you provide special training for call centre jobs?
A. We have designed special programmes for those who are planning to work in Call Centres. These programmes will make you aware about the class of English, spoken to customers by customers care executives in call centres.

Q. Can I pay by installments?
A. We allow you to pay the fee through installments for you convenience.

Q. Can I change my class hours?
A. Yes you can change the class hours if you want.

Q. What kind of training is provided in the class?
A. Each of our Course includes Analytical, Theoretical and Practical practice of the language.

Q. Can I meet the faculty member before joining a programme in Swiss?
A. Sure, you can attend a demo class without paying anything. Here you will know the quality of teaching through our expert faculty.

Q. Can I attend a demo class?
A. Yes, you can attend our ongoing classes as a demo.

Q. I work in shifts. Sometimes I may not be able to attend the classes. Then how can I complete the training?
A. We will adjust your schedule in that situation.

Q. What is the strength of a batch?
A. A class includes 10 to 15 students.

Q. What is the qualification and experience of the faculty members?
A. All our faculties are highly qualified and hold thorough expertise with the language they are teaching.

Q. Can you give me the details of each programme?
A. For detail of each programme, you can visit our website www.swissschooloflanguage.net

Q. Can I speak English fluently once I complete the programme?
A. Of course, you will speak English at the end of programme.

Q. We are a group of students. We all want to join the course together. Would you provide any discount in the fee?
A. Definitely, if you have a group then we can also provide discount to each of the members.

Q. Do you have placement service?
A. Yes, we are giving 100% assistance to our Students in providing placement with reputed companies.

Q. Will I be permitted to change the class if I am not comfortable with it?
A. Yes, you can change the class if you don’t feel comfortable.Q. What is the Modes of payment?
A. Fees can be deposited through cash or cheque or card.

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