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German is the most widely spoken language in Central Europe and is also considered
as the co-official language of many countries across Europe like Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and more, so it’s always advisable to students or working professionals to learn German language to have a better career and higher studies opportunity.

Swiss School of Language is considered as the best German language institute in Delhi NCR as we offer best German language classes following a well-defined German language course as per international GOETHE exam pattern.

Our German language institute in Delhi are having expert German faculty with modern classrooms. Swiss School of Language has highly customized their German language courses for students as well as working professionals with a flexibility of weekdays and weekend German language classes for which we are consider as the best German language institute for GOETHE exam preparation, MA German Entrance exam, DU certification exams and others.

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    Our program structure for the German Language Course :-

    A1 Level

    In this level we will guide you in all the aspects of grammar, vocabulary, accent & pronunciation, speaking, reading, listening & writing. Within a few sessions, you will be able to form simple sentences in German. At the Completion of German language Course A1, you will be able to –

    • – Have basic level Grammar understanding
    • – Write simple conversations and emails
    • – Introduce yourself, explain your educational and family    background etc
    • – Understand and interpret basic spoken German

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    A2 Level

    In this level you will start exploring the German language intensively. You will be able to build fairly complex sentences which are grammatically accurate. In A2 level of German language course, you will be trained on skill sets related to Intermediate level German Grammar, Advanced vocabulary, comprehension and effective usage of German language for interpersonal and group communications, basic level of multiple accent and dialects understanding, documentation and correspondences in German Language. At the Completion of German Language Course A2, you will be

    • – Equipped with intermediate level Grammar skills
    • – Able to manage the German Language email and              telephonic communications fairly independently
    • – Able to analyse and interpret German Language                conversations
    • – Able to prepare minutes of the meeting, write and communicate meeting schedules, task list etc with team, members and seniors.

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    B1 Level 

    In this level you will start communicating in German language independently with clear understanding of the various accents and pronunciations. You will have the basic ability to handle most of your everyday professional conversations fluently. At the Completion of Course B1, you will be –

    • – Equipped with basics of advanced level Grammar skills
    • – Capable of completely understanding the standard German language accent and pronunciation
    • – Capable of organizing and conducting professional level meetings in German Language
    • – Establishing a firm linguistics base which will simplify your further learning process

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    B2 Level

    In this level you will start understanding many complex texts, audio and visual content easily. This is the stage where our experienced faculties bring in the Consistency into your listening, reading, understanding, translating and interpreting complex content. You will be able to participate in group discussions independently in your area of specialization, example, Medicine, Engineering, Automotive sector etc. Trade Fair Management is one of the hot selling jobs in the European market today. There is an increasing demand for German speaking professionals from the Indian sub-continent which is expected to increase in the coming years. We at the Swiss School of Language aim to make you functionally FIT in Deutsch to meet and excel all the professional expectations in the European job market today. At the Completion of German language Course B2, you will be

    • – Equipped completely with Advanced Level German          Grammar skills.
    • – Able to prepare professional presentations in German Language and manage the corporate level meetings, seminars, conferences and Trade Fairs.
    • – Able to translate and interpret your everyday professional documents and communications effectively

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    Swiss School of Language being the best German language institute in Delhi not only just provide German language classes in international certification course but also helps you in the preparation for the MA German Entrance test conducted by various universities like the Delhi University (DU), JNU etc. 

    The German language course covers the following areas –

    • – Understanding and interpreting Complex German Literature from the pre and post world war II Era
    • – Complete understanding of various German Authors like Goethe, Hermann Hesse and many others from the classical, medieval and modern era
    • – Understanding and commenting on various German Language related artistic elements like Poetry, art and paint, music etc
    • – Interpreting and writing comments and professional reviews on the works from famous German philosophers, scientists and psychologists like Nietzsche, Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein etc
    • – Write complex articles, stories, abstract theory and commentaries on various technical and non-technical subjects in German independently

    After joining our best German language Course in Delhi, you will be well equipped German language communication and analytical techniques to clear the MA Entrance test in the first attempt without any hassles.

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    Online German Language Classes 

    After a great success of our offline German language classes in Delhi and getting a huge demand for online German language classes across India, Swiss School of Language is introducing online German language classes for those who can’t make to our institute branches in South Delhi and East Delhi. You will be trained online via online software like Zoom etc on the timings will be as per the convenience of the student and trainer’s particular country’s timing

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    Some reasons to learn German language

    – German Language is one of the most widely spoken language.

    – Germany financially sponsors more than 70,000 international academic exchanges each year.

    – Foreign students who are directly enrolled in German universities pay Zero tuition fees.

    – Considering the importance of the German language in many fields like medicine, engineering, publishing and research and many more, proficiency in German language is recommended by top Universities around the world.

    – Easy to learn because of similarity with English language.

    – Germany is known for its strong economy which ranks 3rd in word

    – German Language creates more business and job opportunity as top companies like BMW, Daimler, Siemens, Lufthansa, SAP, Bosch, Infineon, BASF, and many others are having their headquarters in Germany and are expanding their network across the globe.

    So, Enroll in best German language classes today and boost your career and higher studies opportunities. To register for a free Demo Class
    today fill the form or call us at 8527565111. 

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